Stop sending Parents’ financial credentials to employers

A friend asked for the help to find an intern developer. So, I posted that position in different groups and most of the resumes were like this:

**Resume Start**

Name – Given by parents

Address – Home owned by Father

Cell Number – Bills paid by Father

BS Degree – Fee paid by Father

Intermediate Certificate – Fee paid by Father

Secondary School Certificate – Fee paid by Father

Final Year Project – XYZ MIS Sponsored by Father

**Resume End**

One can easily judge the financial status of one’s father from this kind of resume but can’t judge the technical abilities of the candidate. It’s totally fine to show all these credentials on the resume, it’s totally fine to give excuse that one can’t do job during studies.

But why can’t one have:

Profile on Freelance marketplace and few client reviews?

Articles on Code Project?

A repository on GIT and some contributions even small ones?

A reputed profile on etc.?

Detail of few seminars/webinars/bootcamps one has attended?

Job market is so competitive now, teachers should also encourage their students to put extra efforts to win jobs and internships. A degree isn’t enough anymore.

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