Story of a neurologist: Why Data is important

A very famous neurologist in Rawalpindi who deals with 100s of patients everyday from 9:00AM to 11:00PM however his system is so manual that no patient data is recorded at any stage starting from registration to check up.

As you know in the medical science you can’t test all side effects of a medicine in laboratory, many side effects are known to pharmacists when people use it. That is why a certain medicines stop coming in the market when a better forumla is invented or certain side effect is reported. Also we can take better measures to prevent a disease if we do better survey and have data. However if we absolutely don’t record anything about patient we can’t help medical science. That is exactly happening there. Allah forbids if that neurologist would die, all the knowledge he gained over the period of 30 years will be buried along with him.

So, let’s encourage our businesses, hospitals and clinics, govt. organization to automate their systems so they have data and they could take better decisions.
This is all about business intelligence and Data Visualization, these two terms are output of data. Better systems in place to record and save data, better decisions can be made.

07-14-2019: At Data Visualization and BI boot-camp.

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