Plan, Grab Opportunity and Communicate

“Plan, Grab Opportunity and communicate” He often discusses ideas to promote his tech startup. One month ahead of DevCon19, he planned and decided to take maximum advantage of it. At the event day he had special banners, flyers and giveaways for the audience. He achieved his target i.e. awareness about his brand and sold digital products.
When we started outreach campaign for DevCon19, first organization we visited was the franchise of a startup incubation. We explained how they can attract more audience through hashtag#DevCon19 for their upcoming conference. However they didn’t communicate at all throughout the time and didn’t plan at all. They reached about 2 hours late on event with generic marketing material and at the end their reviews were not good. Although 100% audience could be converted into a potential lead.
There are three essential elements required for success in professional life.
1. Planning
2. Grab ANY opportunity that is aligned with your goals
3. Communication
Now read both cases again, apply these three elements, you will see the difference. Success is cruel, so cruel. It doesn’t see names or brands, it validates actions according to it’s own rules. It gives fair chance to everyone, those who follow rules are the winners. Lesson for startups.

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