Do we need more trainees? No, we need more trainers

5 years back, we believed that developers don’t have interest learning new skills, attending training sessios and technologies but now we have a very strong community that really believe in Code Movement Pakistan’s philosophy.

Now there is another issue that bothers me for quite some time. We have limited number of trainers in IT Industry. People do want to learn however in order to conduct regular training sessions we don’t have enough trainers because industry lacks in quality trainers. Many professionals are willing to share their knowledge but never come forward because they don’t:

1. want to prepare presentations

2. have enough confidence to face audience

3. find a right platform for newbies

4. want bad feedback

Few months back we started “Weekly Jam” training program to facilitate new trainers. It’s one hour session at DatumSquare IT Services on every Thursday between 7:00PM to 8:30PM. Best thing about this event is that it’s free of cost. Anyone can join it and learn cutting edge skills. 5 new trainers were introduced through this program. They are Saim Safder , Asad Masood Qazi, Bashshar Banuri and Bilal Manzoor. We presented them a token of appreciation in DevCon19 to encourage them.

If you want to share your knowledge but hesitating because of above mentioned reasons. Come discuss with us we can help you, train you and will provide you a stage so you could share your knowledge and help our developers community. One can never grow unless he/she share his/her knowledge with community. It forms a echo system where trainer improves his knowledge, train more professionals like him, more business comes to the county, more freelancers will be produced and eventually overall economy of the country improves. Initially you would probably don’t buy in this idea but if you become a part of our Code Movement Pakistan initiative you will soon realize it.

Training Asad Masood Qazi
Asad Masood Qazi

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