One can only grow when in peace of mind

Spare 5 minutes, go alone, stay calm at a quiet place and rewind your past. You will have good bad memories. After 5 minutes you will not be completely sad or in absolute happy mood.

It’s a classic example of a LIFE. Life is a mixture of goods and bads.

Let us suppose after 5 minutes you couldn’t recall any good thing about life, what would happen? You will have a severe anxiety attack.

This is what happens when we read negative contents, mingle with negative people and watch negative stuff on TV.

Unfortunately few are so addicted of negativity that if they find any positive stuff about anything, they doubt and try to find something that could take them back to the depressing mood. Don’t do this.

Here are few tips to stay happy in this information technology era.

1. Don’t watch TV channel that supports your opposing political party.
2. Unfollow all friends who share stuff against your political and religious views.
3. Don’t follow political pages of the party you oppose.
4. If FB page share stuff against your views, don’t comment on it.

Very simple phenomenon, if you can’t control something, stop worrying about it. guess what? you can’t control any of the things, I have mentioned in tips.

Your thoughts?

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