Organizational Values: How to Implement

Just like any other IT company our Organizational Values were defined but only in the form of a PPT file.

Couple of years ago I attended Muhammad Usman Gulzari‘s session on OVs. Session was informative but one tip touched my heart. Gulzari advised if an organization spares 5 minutes after weekly meeting where each manager share his team activities and tag each activity to a certain value, then values become the part of organization’s habit.

Our Manager HR presented OVs to our management team once again then all managers presented to their respective teams. We made this segment as part of our weekly managers meeting, every manager share OVs activities of their respective team. Our values and few examples:

Advancement: Passed certification, attended training, solved problem and published
Dedication: worked late hours, worked on weekends, volunteer work on event
Collaboration: collaborate other team members, handled extra work
Creativity: started new training program, new benefit program,
Fun at work: went for movie, hiking, trekking

A useful tip, it would take couple of years but worth a try.

Every post on our FB/LinkedIn page is aligned with our values.

P.S: Thank you Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry and HR Forum Islamabad for arranging useful events.

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