One who annoys you, can control you

I booked Careem ride other day. Apparently, driver was very friendly and educated one. Unlike others he seemed very happy with job and his earnings.
After sometime, just for the sake of conversation, I casually asked who do you support Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif?
He politely replied, “sir, I am a professional captain, during training we were taught not to discuss politics”.

I apologized him and stayed quiet.

After few minutes I came other way around, I said, “see this metro project and new roads? they were not here just 4 years ago. We are selfish and ignorants, neither we care these facilities and nor we regard those who initiated these projects.”
He cut me in middle and said,” so, you think nations rise this way? go check KPK how PTI is building nation. They fixed hospitals, police, education and patwar system. These mega projects are there for kickbacks. People need health, education and justice……..”.

Long story short, for the next 20 minutes he kept explaining his political vision and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Job and emotions, keep them separate. There is a thin line between going along the values of the company and going against it.

(it was written in 2017 when current ruling party was in opposition)
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