I am afraid of competitors, Don’t want to show best products

Other day I met with a vendor, his company produces office and school furniture. They have top schools and companies on their portfolio.

He wanted to market his brand so he could sell products directly to end users.
During the conversation his main focus was to protect his products. He wanted us to disable right click, upload bad quality and watermark images. He was afraid of his competitors because they can make replica of anything at cheap rates.

Situation was interesting. I tried to convince him with following examples:
1. We have McDonald’s and Mammu burgers. They have their own audience. Their audience have their own justifications why they use particular brand. So, there are people who prefer quality and there are people who go for cheap products.

2. I also quoted a statement which I read in the book “The Content Inc.” It was like “Anyone can copy your product or idea what they cannot copy is the way how you communicate with your customers”.

Based on these examples I advised him to make best possible showcase website for products, innovate new designs and improve quality. You will dominate. You are only dealing with the clients who your other customers are referring to you or come to your outlet, you can’t dominate market unless you show your best to the unique visitors who come to your website, see your best of your crafts and convert into a potential lead. 20 years ago Bill Gates said, businesses that wouldn’t have online presence will no more exist.

Brand and Marketing professionals, you ever faced this situation? If so, how did you solve it?

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