Tech Companies Are Urging Next U.S President to Support Hiring Overseas Engineers! H1Bvisa

First off, it isn’t just technical companies, rather engineering, and medical, and STEM, etc.  It is the most top professional positions in America.

To be eligible for the H-1B Visa, you have to be able to demonstrate you are a specialized worker:

  1.       Have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  2.       Can demonstrate expertise equal to a bachelor’s degree
  3.       Are licensee or can hold a state certification

A US employer must apply for the workers Visa themselves.  Those prospective employers must pay the prevailing wage certified by the DOL for the foreign workers they are seeking.   The Visa, which is good for 6 years, is supposed to be given out to highly specialized foreign individuals.  Therefore, if you are skilled in Engineering, Science, and Medicine, it is presumed you will have a higher chance of being approved for one these non-immigrant visas.   There is a lot of frustration that the prospective applicant has to go through if they are not selected through the lottery process.  It is highly competitive, but only foreigners can compete.

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